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Become fluent in speaking a foreign language!

Chat face-to-face with native speakers through structured online conversations guided by cultural topics of discussion

The SpeakShake Experience!

SpeakShake is a fun online video-calling language exchange platform, based on the sharing of cultural and current affairs with native Speakers

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"I needed to tranfer to the US for my job. I didn't know anyone there. SpeakShake has helped me to develop my social and speaking skills and integrate better into my community"

José Sandoval

Sevilla, España


"I'm a first-year university student studying French. I'm planning to go abroad next year to Canada and SpeakShake has really helped me to boost my confidence in speaking French like a native!"

Tom Johnson

Manchester, UK


"I lived in Brazil for 5 years and had a great time. Coming back to France, it was difficult to find native portuguese speakers to chat with. SpeakShake helps me to continue practising speaking!"

Laura Guillon

Lyon, France, Madrid, España

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