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About us

Fanny Vallantin, Founder

Behind SpeakShake is Fanny, a young woman with strong international and cultural values and who is passionate about sharing with and helping others. After her studies around the world (PUC in Chile, Tsinghua in China, Ensimag / Mines de Paris in France) and expatriation in Brazil, Fanny decided to build on her learning experiences from her many years abroad: to discover and be immersed in a country, and to learn its language, is a great experience in the way of developing human relations and personal enrichment. SpeakShake was born from her desire to help others to have the same experience, especially those who do not have the means or the opportunity to travel and experience foreign cultures.

Antoine Mbaye Ndione, CTO

After graduating in Computer Science from Grenoble (ENSIMAG) and completing his PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at Lille 1 University, Antoine has worked as a Senior Developer in various companies (Amadeus, Orchestra). Originally from Senegal, where he was awarded a prize in Mathematics in a national contest, he successfully completed a semester at the University of Montreal, Canada. Passionate about technology, this “full stack” expert is the first to share his knowledge and passion with the SpeakShake community!

Jeanne Leca, Editor-in-chief

After a literary university career in foreign languages at ICP - Institut Catholique de Paris, Jeanne wanted to go for her passions : translation and education. Teaching those who don't have the opportunity to travel and promoting the cultural aspect of her country were two important things to her. She joined SpeakShake meeting these 2 topics and became editor-in-chief of the project. She is running the website along with a team of translators setting up news articles everyday.


Students and language fanatics translate new subjects about news and culture every day to give you interesting content! Haiyan from China, Manuela from Colombia, Marta from Italy, Léandro and Igor from Brazil, Philipp from Germany, and Maximilian from the United States


A big thank you to these wonderful people who believe in SpeakShake and use their talents and motivation to serve this wonderful human adventure.